My three verified accounts

Everyday, the team and I hear from people that have been scammed. This is heartbreaking. While we do everything in our power to reduce scams and fraud — literally saving millions of dollars worth of customer funds over the past 3 weeks — it continues to happen daily.

More upsetting to me personally is that scammers impersonate prominent crypto CEOs and influencers, and have recently taken to creating fake accounts in my name on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and more on a daily basis.

To help cut down on this, I recently setup verified accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. You can find them at:

Unfortunately, despite being historically active on Twitter, I have not been able to get the account verified. That said I can be found at:

These are my only accounts. Any other account is pretending to be me — report them! In fact, when in doubt report the account even if there’s a chance it’s me.

A few more notes:

  1. I will never ask you to send me bitcoin or any other crypto. Or to invest with me in an “opportunity.”
  2. I will never solicit you to invest in a trading or mining investment “group”
  3. All emails from me come are from my email address
  4. In general, always voice and video verify if you have doubts

Stay safe out there!




Let’s goooo! | CEO & co-founder @

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Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Let’s goooo! | CEO & co-founder @

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